Simple Party Appetizer: Pancetta and Pear Bites

I really wanted to make a unique party appetizer, so I searched Google a bit and finally settled on using Bon Appétit’s recipe as my foundation to spin off of. With this recipe, I went back and forth about using goat cheese or feta…I admit it, I have a strong love hate relationship with goat cheese. Sometimes it’s the perfect addition, like the one I bought from Shepherd’s Whey Creamy, and other times it just doesn’t work for me. Unfortunately, this is one of those times I didn’t really love it, but I’m willing to give it another try with some adjustments.

My own additions are the honey and pepper; next time I’ll use feta cheese and I think it would be interesting to try prosciutto instead. Hmm, perhaps I’ll update this post in the future with some of the changes I have in mind. For now, here’s how it went!


What you’ll need
2 Pears

Goat cheese

Thinly slice the pears into circles. I wish would have gone back and made a couple of mine more thin, but they aren’t bad if they are a tad thick. In Bon Appétit’s recipe, they place pieces of pancetta on a baking sheet in one layer and preheat the oven to 450°. They recommend cooking it for 10 minutes, but mine came out soooo crunchy, basically burned. I would not heat the oven to 450° again! Set your oven to a temperature you’re comfortable with then check it often since the slices are thin. 

Once the meat is done, start assembling the toppings on the pear slices. Put slices of pancetta down and crumble goat cheese on top, then crack a small amount of pepper over everything. Sprinkle on thyme and grab a spoon to lightly drizzle honey on top. 

That’s everything! It’s so quick and easy that if you’re in a hurry to whip something up for a get-together, here’s your answer. 

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