MyStyle’s First California Meal: Mountain View

I’m happy to report that my first meal in California was a delicious one! I still can’t really believe we are finally here. On Friday September 7th, we arrived in Mountain View around midnight Pacific time, which felt like 3:00 am to us. After tearful goodbyes and a long day of travel, I was so ready for bed; once my head hit the pillow, I feel asleep almost immediately. The next day, we decided to explore a little bit of the area before touring apartments. Of course, this meant finding the perfect lunch spot for our first California meal.

As we walked into town, the first thing I noticed – aside from the incredible weather – were rows upon rows of white tents. My excitement grew as I recognized all the tell-tale signs of some sort of farmer’s market. How perfect! My first day in my new home state, and I stumble upon the Mountain View Wine and Art Festival. There’s not much more that could’ve made me feel at-home. This festival was huge! It seemed that every main and side street was bursting with tents full of abstract art, brilliant photography, and sweet little trinkets. I happily perused the streets, just admiring all of the sights and sounds around me. We decided to buy these gorgeous flower holders made from natural stone native to California. I’ve seen them at other festivals but for some reason I’ve never followed through with buying one. After that, it was definitely time for lunch. 

MyStyle FoodsEureka! is a local burger joint in the main stretch of downtown Mountain View. They have multiple locations in the state, and I think two in the Bay Area specifically. Surprisingly we weren’t met with any wait, despite it being a Saturday with a festival happening. To start, we ordered the Deviled Eggs which came topped with horseradish mustard, pancetta, and pickled red onions. Talk about a combination to create a flavorful bite! The filling was light and whipped with a hint of sweetness. I go back and forth between liking a vinegary filling and a sweet one, but this nicely balanced the two. Even more pleasing was the fact that this appetizer came with four eggs. I can’t stand it when deviled egg appetizers only come with three; tell me how I’m supposed to act with civility when sharing with an odd number like that.

The menu is quite surprising. If you’re just not feeling that classic American sandwich, don’t count Eureka! out just yet. For being a burger place they have a healthy range of salad options, a few chicken choices, and even tacos. While I didn’t order off the brunch menu, I saw some gigantic plate of eggs, what looked like french fries, and some amazing sauce being carried by, so I think brunch would be a safe bet as well. 


After agonizing over the 28 Day Dry-Aged Burger (carrot-fed Angus, aioli, arugula, + tomatoes finished with balsamic glaze) and the Bone Marrow Burger (shiitake bone marrow butter, charbroiled onion, mustard aioli, + roasted Roma tomato) I finally decided on the latter. Bad news first, Eureka! definitely overcooked a medium rare order. Unfortunately, if you want to specialize in burgers that means you’ll have to cook them to specifications. Despite being disappointed upon seeing a solid gray center, the flavors were still there and it wasn’t dry. The juicy patty rested on a grilled egg bun (I think), perfectly toasted and sporting beautiful char marks. Having been my first time trying anything bone-marrow-flavored, I wasn’t sure what to expect. The shiitake bone marrow butter sat atop the patty; a thick, relish-esque spread which boasted a savory, smokey flavor. I didn’t even notice there wasn’t any cheese!

mystyle foodsmystyle foods

I’ve never had Roma tomatoes on a burger before, and even now I’m still unsure how to feel about it. Let’s say overall, I liked it. At first the boldness of such a thick little tomato was a little overwhelming. Once the grilled/roasted flavor came through, though, it was a welcome addition to the burger’s theme. 

If you’ve ever seen Seinfeld, you’ll be able to relate to this next part. While our waitress was kind, the service was terribly slow for not being that busy. Plus, she was a low-talker. A bonafide low-talker. She approached our table and welcomed us to the restaurant, then promptly gave us an overview of the menu, and I didn’t catch a single word. Not one. Not even “specials” or “brunch” or anything! Troy and I leaned in, trying desperately to catch any tidbit we could. We both did a fantastic job of faking our responses, because by the time she left I thought he had heard every word and vice versa. Our entrees arrived before our drinks did, which led to an awkward amount of time waiting for them. 

I did like that when I said “I’ll try the Porter” it literally meant “try.” A few minutes later our waitress returned with a shot-sized glass. At first I panicked that this was the size you get for a $5 beer – you know, since I couldn’t understand a word she said – but after asking another server it turns out they provide tastes of their drinks before you decide to purchase one. Definitely a nice touch!

Aside from the unusually long wait times for a drink or your server to come by, Eureka! fits the bill for a great lunch spot. You won’t be disappointed with the selections and their menu is fun to browse. Cheers!


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