The Perfect 5 Minute Breakfast: Lox and Bagel

Anyone who knows me, knows how much I love breakfast. If I could, I would go out to eat for breakfast every morning and chow down on eggs benedict. The recent brunch phenomenon has been my greatest dream come true! A few days ago I was at Whole Foods aimlessly wandering around trying to think of what to have around the house. My eyes drifted toward the seafood section and immediately locked onto a beautiful package of smoked salmon. Duh! One of my favorite breakfast dishes is good simply a lox and bagel. It’s fresh, decadent, and oh so easy to make.

One of my favorite breakfast memories in my life takes place at the Ritz Carlton in Amelia Island, Florida. My family has been vacationing there my entire life, and occasionally our vacations coincided with my birthday. To celebrate it one year, we took an early morning walk on the beach to the Ritz for one of the most memorable meals of my life. The walk on the beach made it special enough, let alone the atmosphere of fine dining! Who knows, maybe that experience kick-started my love of dining out. While Troy and I were vacationing in Amelia last month, my dad gave me a giftcard to the Ritz for my birthday. Naturally, we decided to recreate my breakfast memory from years ago.


Doesn’t that picture just make your heart yearn for the ocean??

They have a gorgeous dining area and the buffet fills an entire corner of the room. Guests can enjoy an omelette station, fresh biscuits and gravy, good ole sausage and bacon, pastries, waffles, pancakes, and basically anything your heart desires. One station in particular caught my eye, which was an amazing display of meats and cheeses. I prepared my own deconstructed version of a lox and bagel, so it was basically just lox on a plate, but you get the idea.

A great version of bagel and lox I’ve had was Bruegger’s Bagels on 21st and L. They used pumpernickel bread and added egg salad, something I’ve never had with lox before. The sandwich also had crunchy lettuce and cucumbers, and the addition of the egg salad made it feel more like a substantial lunch item than breakfast. It was the perfect grab and go lunch between classes.

I’m definitely going to try to have lox on hand more often. It’s the perfect breakfast, snack, and treat yo’ self kind of dish.


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