Welcome to MyStyle Foods and thank you for taking the time to explore the website!

My name is Rachael and I recently graduated The George Washington University in Washington, DC. I majored in Communication paired with a minor in Organizational Sciences. I work in the Digital Marketing/Social Media Marketing realms and I’ve been working at Anchor Media for two years. I’m also a Yelp Brand Ambassador which has been so fun!

About halfway through my junior year it hit me that SENIOR year was quickly approaching (ahh). In the hopes of making possible future job connections, I decided to create a professional Twitter account as a way to start connecting with other PR/digital marketing professionals. To gain followers, I started keeping track of a variety of Twitter chats related to the PR field. I was hooked! It’s fascinating to see the way people, from around the globe, come together for one hour, under one hashtag, to discuss their professions. I even landed a job via Twitter, which only fueled my love of social media.

Aside from my professional life, I absolutely love to cook! I have a mini obsession Gordon Ramsay and I have spent hours watching his videos on YouTube. I’ve learned everything from upscale cooking techniques to how to properly cut an onion and I just love his style of cooking.

Troy, my long-term boyfriend, saw how I was able to connect with people on Twitter and naturally, he knows my love of cooking. He  actively started encouraging me to blog. I’ve done work with influencer marketing and I’ve always told him with a sigh, “ahhh I would love to have thousands of followers reading about what I love doing! I wish I could blog!” Troy’s response? “…so why don’t you…?” What a thought, right? He convinced me to continue cooking and start writing.

Thus, MyStyle Foods was born.

I called my blog MyStyle Foods because that’s exactly what this is: simply my style of food. Plus, I hate thinking of titles, so as I sat at my desk throwing around ideas I looked at Troy and said, “Ugh I don’t know, I want something unique, but also something that somehow shows my style…” Guess what name we settled on? Again, what a thought, right?

In this blog I hope to share my culinary adventures, whether it’s an improvised meal or restaurant reviews. I’m hoping to keep my posts on the shorter side since I never measure as I cook. I’m not sure how much I’ll be formatting my posts in your typical recipe style. I want to conversationally share my process with you. Whether you scroll through your social media while sipping coffee in the morning, procrastinating at work, or sitting on the toilet (hey, we’ve all done it), I hope MyStyle Foods becomes a part of your routine.  

Thanks for reading, check out where to follow me, and happy cooking!

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