Classic Guacamole Recipe

Sometimes you just need to pick up a whole bunch of avocados and make yourself that huge bowl of guacamole you’ve always craved. Sure, you can order an appetizer at restaurants, but is it really your dream to share it with the rest of the table? At Chipotle you might get lucky with an employee that gives you a heaping plop of it; unfortunately, those days are few and far between. Since I’m in the mood for delectable dips, I’ve decided to share my experience whipping up a classic guacamole recipe. 

By the way, I swear to goodness I had no idea today is National Avocado Day! By the way, who creates those anyway? I just happened to make some today because I royally messed up a batch over the weekend. My avocados were barely usable and I accidentally put in far, far, too many onions. Plus I didn’t dice them finely enough. Troy held his tongue but after a few minutes of suffering through biting into raw onions, I accepted the reality of this disaster. Timidly I said, “this has wayyyy too many onions in it, doesn’t it?” He replied, “I didn’t want to be mean but what the heck! I’d like some avocado with this onion dip!” 


I spent the next day with my mom; she offered to do one of the most loving, parental things you can do: buy my groceries. Through college she would supply me with everything you can think of, from having pasta and rice on hand, to meats, to my favorite french onion dip that I can only get at select locations in my hometown. She’s always been ready to offer a trip to the grocery store, and today I wholeheartedly took her up on it. 

Add to your shopping list:
5 avocados – I told you I’m making a gigantic bowl to have on hand!
1 bunch of green onions
1 jalapeno – or more if you like it spicy
2 limes
4 garlic cloves – I use my garlic press, otherwise buy it minced

1 yellow onion, finely diced – I was really gun-shy this time, so I only used a little over half of a half

Yes, you read that right. I’m using both parsley and cilantro. Interestingly, I don’t think parsley is that bad of an addition to guacamole. I read some other blogs and people say that it’s okay, but cilantro is the first choice. I suppose I agree, however, I don’t think fresh parsley is that bad of an addition. 

Grab a large bowl to mash this beautiful concoction. First, peel and roughly chop the avocados. Then, squeeze out the juice of one lime over top of the avocado chunks. I really like putting the lime juice on first so it has time to soak in while you chop the other ingredients. Finely dice the onion and put as much in as you’d like. Like I said, I’m extremely gun-shy this time around so I cut it in half, then used about half of that half. Finely slice the jalapeno and throw in, seeds and all. When all other ingredients are in, slice the second lime and add that juice on top. 

That’s basically it! Mash everything together with a spatula, or in my case, a potato masher. I definitely recommend adding tomatoes, I didn’t because Troy doesn’t like them. Trust me, when he’s out of town I add tomatoes galore. 

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