Broccoli Mushroom Bake with Parmesan + Crackers

Sometimes you just need a little extra something to elevate your dinner protein. Or maybe you need to spruce up that salad you prepped for lunch. Either way, this broccoli mushroom bake is so easy to whip up! Bring this to your next get-together and you’re sure to impress any picky eater. Even better, I cooked this in a toaster oven, so no excuses college students!

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Before adding the crackers

Grocery List
Broccoli – I have a huge bag and just grabbed some handfuls for me and Troy. Use any amount you need
White mushrooms
Olive oil
Parmesan cheese
Lemon juice – I technically used a lemon flavored olive oil, but the real thing will be even more fresh
Lime juice
Sea salt
Mustard seeds
Ritz crackers and Vea Tuscan Herb crisps

Start by heating your oven to 375° and wash the broccoli and mushrooms. I sliced the mushrooms in half because I specifically wanted large pieces on any forkful; feel free to chop more finely. Break apart the broccoli and toss both together in a baking dish.

Next, season with sea salt, pepper, mustard seeds, and drizzle olive oil to cover. Mix these together until it seems evenly coated, and continue seasoning to your desired tastes. Sprinkle with Parmesan and toss once more. Finally, crush Ritz crackers and Vea crisps on top. I used a mix of crackers because I literally only had four Ritz crackers left. Of course, use a mix of your favorites or purely Ritz!

As I mentioned, I cooked this in a toaster oven, so I had the heat pretty high and I cooked them for 30-40 minutes. Halfway through, I added water so my vegetables steamed and had a nice soft exterior but firm interior. Just keep checking on them until they reach your desired doneness.

Variations to try…

  • one person commented on my Instagram that seasoning broccoli with Everything Bagel seasoning is great – I can’t wait to try it!
  • add other vegetables, like onion or zucchini 
  • use breadcrumbs as a crunchy topping
  • substitute the water for chicken broth
  • marinate the vegetables in your favorite mix overnight or a few hours before baking
  • mix with your favorite pasta or rice for a heartier plate

The first time I made this I served it as a side to a pan-seared chicken breast with a Dijon mustard glaze (a blog on that one to come!). It’s also a perfect accompaniment to salmon; broccoli and salmon is too good to pass up. Sometime soon I want to bake these again, then chill overnight before adding them to a salad. 

Growing up, my mom always brought the most amazing cheesy broccoli casserole topped with Ritz crackers to family Christmas. The crackers will make your kitchen smell ahh-mazing! It’s comforting to me, since it transports me back to the countless times I watched her prepare it during the holiday season. Guaranteed, anyone who enters your kitchen will inevitably deeply inhale as they ask, “what’s cooking?!” 

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