Becoming a Yelp Brand Ambassador

Last June, I was just starting out as a Yelp Brand Ambassador. Now three months in, I’m loving every moment! Talk about an amazing lifestyle job – I work fun events at gorgeous restaurants and local D.C. businesses. Plus, I’m meeting new people which means hearing incredible stories about how people started their careers and where in the world they’ve lived. Some have just arrived to the city, others have been here for at least 10 years, and a few admit that D.C. is just one more stop on their journey. I love Washington because it’s such a transition city and not many people are here long. As different as we are, Washingtonians can bond over this mutual stage in our lifelong migrations.

Becoming a Yelp Elite led me to this Brand Ambassador position. In one of the monthly newsletters, they caught my attention:

Does Yelp run through your veins? Do you keep tabs on all the DC happs? Would you consider yourself a connector? A social connector? Everyone knows you. The fun one. Diplomatic, too. 

Irresistible, right? That’s what I thought, so I immediately applied. Best decision ever, because now I’m here and I’m constantly learning about what businesses are popping up around town.

Yelp is especially perfect because as a PR and digital marketing professional, I’m working toward a long-term goal of entering the restaurant scene. I’m a behind-the-scenes type; I don’t necessarily want to be the center of attention at a huge, jaw-dropping event, but you can bet I want to be the one orchestrating it. And hey, if that happens to be at a Michelin star restaurant, so be it. *acts casual but internally hoping, praying, wishing*

Naturally, brand ambassador training for Yelp took place over dinner at a spectacular restaurant in Arlington called Bar Bao. I first met the entire Yelp D.C. team here, and when the food arrived at our table everyone whipped out their phones to get the perfect, Instagram worthy shot. No shame, no apologies.

Yes, I belong here.

I keep a mental list of my absolute favorite restaurants for the times friends and family come to visit (which should really turn into a physical list) and Bar Bao has definitely made the cut! Despite the ridiculously hot temperatures, we enjoyed a great meal on the patio.

The interior layout is incredibly unique; the dark floors and ceiling accentuated the beautiful artwork, from a local artist, that covered the walls. The booths looked fairly spacious and there’s a cute, cozy seating area with its own bar in the back of the restaurant which serves those sitting on the patio as well. The patio is tucked away between two buildings and as the evening progressed, a string of lights above us slowly turned on which perfected the summertime atmosphere.

The food is fantastic and they have some of the most creative cocktails. I ordered the White Dragon which was vodka, coconut milk, honey, schechuan curry, and lime. Admittedly I was nervous about the spice but this was AMAZING. It was light and creamy with hardly any kick to it. Best of all, happy hour lasts until 7 pm!

Bar Bao’s presentation is gorgeous. From the interior, to the cocktails, to each bao bun and mouthful of bulgogi fries, you’ll be excited to take your next bite.

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