A Lesson in Not Judging a Burger by its Bun: Thunder Burger & Bar

Like a lot of kids, I thought I would become a lawyer. Granted, I kind of thought lawyer, doctor, teacher, or police/firemen were the only career options I had. Even so, I wanted to learn more about what it took to perform in the courtroom. In high school I signed up to take Legal Studies, a college prep course that offered college credit and opportunities to explore law. I took part in mock trials, moot courts, toured jails, and heard from countless guest speakers. This two year program gave me skills that I still use today. The things I took part in also definitely helped my college application stand out!

Each year, Legal Studies and other AP classes travel to D.C. the week before Thanksgiving. Troy and I have been lucky enough to be able to catch up with our Legal Studies and AP Euro teacher, along with other Lake High School people. Since freshman year, we’ve met them on Capitol Hill and visited until ending the day with dinner in Georgetown. This year may very well be the last year we can do this, since we’re trying to move to California.

I’m always nervous about finding a place that doesn’t break the bank, and this year’s choice was Thunder Burger and Bar. For me, Thunder Burger is one of those places that I’ve always passed, but had yet to go in. I’ve definitely learned my lesson about judging a restaurant by it’s exterior; based off the name, black overhang, and the pink lights illuminating the outside, I thought this would have a rocker vibe. Instead, you walk in to be transported to what feels like a cozy English pub. There’s a fireplace tucked into one corner, painted brick walls, and dark wood beams across the ceiling. 

Ventura Highway – beef burger, with brie, caramelized red onion relish & watercress, tomato & remoulade
Sweet Caroline – slow-cooked pork smothered in a carolina-style bbq sauce, topped with tobacco onions
Portobello Road – chardonnay & herb marinated portobello. roasted pepper, zucchini, tomato, walnut pesto & swiss
Thunder Burger (basically a build your own)
Learning to Fly – herbed ground turkey burger, swiss cheese, avocado, granny smith apples & remoulade

Everyone loved their picks and we all agreed the fries were amazing. Perfectly seasoned, crunchy, and lots of them! I don’t normally order sweet potato fries, but for some reason they were calling my name and I loved them. Also, the side salads are huge! Normally they are small and not much to look at, but these are actually worth ordering.


Mine was the Ventura Highway and I LOVED it. I don’t think I’ve ever had brie on a burger – man have I been missing out. Fantastic remoulade, perfectly cooked burger, and the watercress was way more interesting than simply lettuce. The service wasn’t that great, but I would still go again because the food is worth it. 

If it’s chilly and you’re looking for some comfort food, try Thunder Burger! 

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